26 February 2010

Kuwait Independence Day Accidents 25/02/2010

Image source: http://buyousef.net/
  1. 12 year old got ran over by a car at Gulf road
  2. A guy was hit with an axe, transferred to al Amiri Hospital
  3. 5 youngsters were killed in car accidents due to leaving their vehicles, it was hard to get their bodies out due to extreme road congestion.
  4. A women managed to get a broken back , unknown reason, probably car accident.
  5. A guy with an injured eye, due to being sprayed with a super-soaker filled with hair removal chemical and water mixture.
Have fun, celebrate and drive safely, keep the roads clean.

Source: blackberry broadcast


  1. The same as last year. When will people learn?

  2. @ Mathai: when people start thinking for themselves.